3D Scanning & Drone Services

The days of fixed-position “progress webcams” are long gone. With MAPP’s 3D scanning and drone services, we can document the current condition and dimensions of your project for remote viewing from anywhere at any time.

3D Scanning

Ready for virtual walk-through? Our 3D interior scans create immersive, high-definition, 360-degree views of any location within your project, offering multiple angles, colored floorplans, accurate measurements and 4K print-quality images at your fingertips. 3D scanning is a valuable tool for accurately pricing change orders, clear communication between office and field staff, and better coordination among owners, architects and trade partners. Here’s an example of what this amazing technology:

Drone Services

MAPP uses powerful drone technology to capture 4K footage and ultra-high definition (UHD) aerial photographs of our jobsites. With this highly detailed data, we can create interactive 3D models that allow stakeholders to view, mark up, and measure any aspect of the project exterior — and the video and images are even detailed enough to view site elevation data. Drones provide a truly unique perspective on construction, like this:

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