Warranty Plus Program

Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that MAPP stands behind our work long after the project’s construction is complete.

What is Warranty Plus?

Warranty Plus is an additional service MAPP provides at no cost to our clients that focuses on periodic system and quality checks during the first year of operation. The goal is to reduce warranty issues by MAPP and their trade partners periodically performing examinations of the serviceability, general care, and maintenance of the facility.

Value To Our Clients

At the forefront of the Warranty Plus Program is MAPP’s proactive approach to responding to the warranty needs of our clients. The service provides a committed team process that eliminates the fine line between warranty and maintenance issues. During the warranty period, the entire construction team is held accountable to resolve system and quality issues via solutions that prevent reoccurrence. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that MAPP stands behind our work long after the project’s construction is complete.

Warranty Program Process

What is the Process?

1. On a quarterly basis (3, 6, 9, and 11 months), MAPP’s Project Manager will schedule a walk-through with the owner, their maintenance personnel, the end users, and the original mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trade partners.

2. MAPP will have in attendance one of our service personnel (with tools, ladders, etc.) and the construction phase superintendent, project manager, and project engineer.

3. The owner’s maintenance team will be given one to two weeks notification of the walk-through and will be encouraged to compile a list of recurring and outstanding problems to review at the walk-through.

4. The walk-through team will observe the performance of the facility while resolving the recurring and outstanding problems. Items needing review at the next meeting will be noted with the idea of correcting minor problems before they become big problems.

5. Minor adjustments (such as door closers, HVAC belt adjustments, etc.) can be made at the time of the walk-through.

6. Review of the maintenance procedures for further training of the maintenance personnel or to instruct new maintenance personnel can also be done during the walk-through.

7. Updates will be made during the walk-through on any new warranty contact information as well as any product and equipment contact changes.

It is MAPP’s goal to help facilitate a properly functioning building for years into the future.


At project completion, MAPP provides our clients with a Warranty Manual that includes a system checklist specifically designed for their facility. This checklist will be utilized on each quarterly walk-through with updates including pictures, identification of specific warranty and maintenance items encountered, and indication of how each will be addressed. The report will be issued within one week of each quarterly review.


A well-built facility and a smooth construction process can be overshadowed by minor warranty issues. Through our Warranty Plus service, MAPP alleviates many of these issues by providing additional support to our clients during their first year of operation. Considerable time, money, and thought are invested during the design and construction phases of any project in an effort to develop a lasting facility that incorporates value, efficient design and functionality.

Who Makes The Call?

The majority of warranty service requests are initiated by the end users -- the personnel using the space and coping with the inconveniences of the problems. In many cases the end user’s contact person was not involved with the construction process and is unaware of product selection, installation, and the role of the designers. Through our Warranty Plus Program, our team will review the warranty findings with both the client’s construction team and the end user. MAPP’s goals are to prevent future costly repairs, assist in reviewing each system’s routine maintenance items and assure the client that their project is of the highest quality.

Download MAPP's Warranty Plus Program brochure (13MB)

Warranty Plus Brochure

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