Preconstruction Services

Before the MAPP hardhats go on, we use our heads to help owners plan and shape all aspects of their projects.

Our preconstruction services include:

Value Analysis

In a business where every dollar counts, our extensive track record and detailed knowledge can help you determine the best, most efficient way to approach a project.

Conceptual Estimation and Budgeting

Before you prepare a formal bid request, we can help you explore several budgeting options—each with a highly accurate estimate—to help you decide the best use of your investment.

Constructability Reviews

Can your project be built on time and within budget without compromising function or quality? We’ll assess your plans and let you know, with a high degree of certainty.

Preconstruction Scheduling

We identify every possible participant’s role in the construction process, including troubleshooting possible labor and material delivery problems.


By working with a selected design team from the design phase through construction, we help keep owner costs within budget while ensuring the integrity of the design. Learn more .

Trade Partner Prequalification and Input

Selecting and securing the various construction team members—and getting their input on your plans—makes for a much smoother, well-coordinated project.

Procurement of Long Lead-Time Items

From hard-to-find materials to custom fabrication, we can get the ball rolling early in order to prevent delays and keep budgets and schedules on track.

Site Utilization Analysis

Site utilization helps visualize and plan for a project site’s equipment locations and movement, material handling and staging, utilities and other essential requirements.


We understand and can fully handle the complex requirements and processes involved with legally clearing your project for construction.

Building Systems Analysis

In this phase, we assess the project plans in order to help determine the appropriate mechanical systems and estimate building energy use—another way to save money before construction begins.