DLB2- The Last Mile Project

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Owner

    Seefried Industrial Properties

  • Square Feet


MAPP, LLC. partnered with Seefried Industrial Properties to successfully complete the construction of a new fulfillment center. The project involved the construction of a single-story structure, featuring poured-in-place concrete tilt walls, steel column and truss framing, and a purlins/decking roofing system. The facility was built on a slab-on-grade foundation. The site was meticulously designed to cater to the needs of auto and delivery van parking, multiple truck unloading docks, delivery van staging, and an optimized traffic pattern to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, the fulfillment center included corporate office space equipped with conference and meeting rooms, serving as a functional hub for facility support personnel. The collaboration between MAPP, LLC. and Seefried Industrial Properties resulted in the successful realization of this state-of-the-art fulfillment center.

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