WWII Liberation Pavilion

New Orleans, Louisiana
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Phase 7 is the last addition to the National WWII Museum and includes three floors of exhibit space detailing the end of the war, postwar history, and links to the present day. The first floor has 11,250 square feet and includes a theater and a two-story chapel. The second floor has 8,710 square feet, which includes a 2,485-square-foot terrace as well as a theater. The third floor has 8,150 square feet with a bridge from the Liberation Pavilion to Phase 5, the U.S. Freedoms Pavilion. On the fourth level, there is a two-story theater with a pre-show area as well as a new exhibit room. The roof houses the mechanical room, with a parapet height of 87’. The World War II Museum’s building facade includes ACM panels, corrugated panels, a curtain wall, and precast concrete. The building structure includes 1,700 yards of concrete and over 670 tons of steel and deck.

Liberty Pavilion 1
Liberty Pavilion 12
Liberty Pavilion 15
Liberty Pavilion 29
Liberty Pavilion 27
Liberty Pavilion 16
Liberty Pavilion 26
Liberty Pavilion 14
Liberty Pavilion 25
Liberty Pavilion 23